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Fund My Family Medical Emergencies – NICU Newborn Baby & Mom’s Grave Medical Symptoms

Support Karen and Raymond Vincent with Medical Emergency Pregnancy and Nicu Emergency

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Here at Drawn To The Truth Missions, Incorporated, a 501c3 non-profit, we’re Missionaries of the Family Life and we’re sponsoring the Vince Family Fund and Prayer Support. You’ll get a tax deduction email for donations. We are independent Missionaries, with Catholic principles serving in love and in alignment to morality to families in need, no matter their journey or walk in life. 100% of the funds in this fundraiser goes to the Vincent Family when you cover card processing fees. Your donations are tax deductible.

UPDATE Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Karen gets to see Alexander for the first time…

UPDATE Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Thank you all for the prayers and support. As you may now, Karen’s health had been declining this last month of pregnancy.

It got to the point that I had to take her to the ER last Saturday (almost a week ago now) and what we thought was normal pregnancy fatigue turned out to be a fatal complication.So Karen was admitted and they prepared for an emergency C-section at 27 weeks of pregnancy.

To do this she was transferred to another hospital with the necessary facilities and staff that could work with premature babies.Once here, they decided to treat Karen to get her healthy enough for a natural birth which was by far the safest option. She had two blood transfusions and countless other infusions. Karen greatly improved over a few day so they began to induce labor.Unfortunately, all the efforts to induce didn’t work.

Her body was just not convinced it was time to be in labor labor. During the labor the baby’s hand got stuck in the birth canal and Karen was no longer dilating. It became clear that for both Karen and now the baby they needed to do a C-section.Baby Alexander Constantine was delivered early this morning via C-section. Other then the injury to his arm and being born three months early, he is very healthy and doing great.

Also very cute. But he will have to stay at the hospital for at least the next three months.It was a little touch and go with Karen after the surgery. She is stable and currently undergoing CT scans to help to determine the underlining cause. We are hoping against hope against the worst case scenario. But her recovery as well may take a long time.Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the Vincent family. It’s going to be a very difficult n

ext few months.

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  • Meals for Dad
  • Gas To and From Hospital
  • Hotel Stays
  • Medical Bills
  • Long-term Family Daily Cares and Bills (Dad’s self-employed and unable to work presently.)

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Their Medical Emergency Story Here:

Karen and Raymond Vincent are pregnant with their sixth child. They have five beautiful girls they home school. They recently moved from California to Georgia.

Karen is a stay at home wife and mom, while homeschooling her children.

Raymond is a self-employed iconographer (painter or writer of Orthodoxy spiritual art or they’re called icons). He takes projects on consignment and he offers online classes to students. One of Raymond’s Icons In Progress…

Raymond’s Icon Work…

Karen at three-and-a-half months from her due date in late April 2023 was rushed to ER after several weeks on bedrest.

She was diagnosed with a critically serious condition called HELLP where her life is on the line with liver even failing so they had to induce delivery at 3.5 months early to save Karen’s life. It was also discovered of another unknown gravely serious medical issue.

She’s in the hospital with her husband at her side.

In the meantime, homeschooling families have been supporting the family along with, her Mother has flown in from California.

Raymond has had to cancel all his clients projects and students classes to be at the side of his wife in the hospital. So they have no income coming in until he’s able to have a bit more stability with his wife and baby.

Baby is in process of being born. On Tuesday, April 25th it’s 24 hours into induction. We will update.

While Karen was on bedrest, we asked a homeschooling group to clean their home with my mission family. We’ve aided in babysitting their children. We’ve offered prayer time. Brought them Easter/Pascha dinner and a meal in the hospital.

Now Raymond has agreed to a fundraiser to support his family with daily life needs and any medical bills. You can donate HERE on a monthly or weekly or one time option.

Please pray for the Vincent’s family because Karen’s health and chronic conditions as well as the future of at least 3.5 months of baby in NICU when baby is born to gain weight, suck milk in bottle and be healthy to bring home. You can offer your kind words and prayers to HERE.

The hospital is 40 minutes from their home so there’s many costs involved with long distance. You can donate HERE on a monthly or weekly or one time option.

PS We are NOT using a typical GodFundMe type account because there’s high fees, they’re not Pro-Family, they’re not pro-life, they control funds where next day your donations are given to family in cash dropped at hospital. If you’d like to see donors list and amounts donated, that will be updated on here along with their story as well as in email and or text. All donation and donor information is given to family but we will provide you a Thank You email with tax deductible letter from Drawn To The Truth Missions. Family gets 100% of donations if you pay your credit card processing fees.

If you’d like to Mail Your Donation and a card please address to…

Drawn To The Truth Missions, Anna Lalonde c/o Raymond Vincent, PO Box 1424 Covington GA 30015. Make checks payable to Raymond Vincent. If you want tax exemption letter and thank you please provide in clear handwriting your email.