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Help Displaced Ukrainians

Russia declared war on Ukraine.
NBC interview on Ukraine and Russia war
An Incredibly large number of people living in displaced locations.
On NBC Being Interviewed about the war in Ukraine.
Homes destroyed, injured, dead, and displaced.

We are a Ukrainian Community outside Atlanta, Georgia. Half of our community are Ukrainian immigrants into United States but have families back home in Ukraine.

Our community of Americans and Ukrainian Immigrants are asking for your support for misplaced Ukrainians.

They are in need of…





Medical Care

Diapers/Baby Supplies

and many other living needs.

We are inviting companies and personal people to donate to support displaced Ukrainians throughout Ukraine and or those who have fled their homes to another country.

Please Financially Gift to Help Displaced Ukrainians. Your Donations are Tax Exempt through Drawn To The Truth Missions, Incorporated a 501c3