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Heroic Last Days

The Heroic Last Eight Months Of Robert’s Life, Co-Founder of Drawn To The Truth Missions

My final birthday with Bobby!

Prophesied His Death

In February, 2020, my husband Bob, had prophesied his death. He came home wailing. It was middle of the night or some would say early morning. I was at my desk. I jumped up. He embraced me. He was shaking. He told me how he was praying the rosary, praising Jesus in song while working as a delivery driver. (He created the rosary in song.) He said he heard a voice. It asked him if he would be a martyr. He said he didn’t want to suffer like that. The voice asked if He, Jesus, would hold Him through that suffering, would he die a martyrs death? He wailed harder. “Anna, I told Jesus Yes! How could I not tell Him yes if He’s holding me while I’m suffering and dying? Who wouldn’t want to die like that in Jesus’s arms?” I told him I agree and I gave my full yes to God.

Martyrdom is the united suffering with Jesus Christ within the passion and death on the cross. The Catholic church researches to make a decision if a soul suffered a heroic death or a martyrs death.

Robert’s Early Years Learning Heroism

This is a story of a heroic Catholic man, who lost his convert mom and nine year old brother by age four in death from car wreck that injured himself. Lost his dad in death. Was an orphan by six years old. Placed into guardianship of his aunt and uncle as the second oldest of this family with his biological brother as the oldest. He gravely suffered from their loss of faith. He only went to confession for second grade and it wasn’t until he was in his twenties before he returned to confession that lead to minimal weekly confession. Prayed for conversion and his uncle returned before death. Twice even told never to talk about Jesus within their home or to his cousins and aunt which once I was present when this happened. But he never stopped. Daily prayed for their souls and regularly evangelized to his brother on the phone.

He was raised a Catholic, in a devout home until his parents died. His relatives were not devout in their faith of Catholicism and later fell away. He re-found his relationship with Mother Mary and Jesus within Catholicism first through the rosary on his great uncles beside, a priest, when he was in his young twenties after his faithful parents died. He desired to be a priest, he had a calling, his love for serving and saving souls was his main focus and he requested to be a priest but it never flourished. An orphan in deaths, a son of a navy man, a son of a Knight of Columbus, a son of a heroic convert mom, a Knight of Columbus himself, he gave his life for Christ. He learned heroism of his faith walk and character from his parents, his spiritual father, Saint Pope John Paul II and then later Archbishop Fulton Sheen. His faith started growing in his twenties where he started praying the rosary daily, attending daily Mass, and praying his Bible. He is known for his evangelizing while carrying his Bible and praying over people for healing of their mind, body and soul. He had founded and lead/co-lead bible studies and prayer groups. He also was in the Latin Catholic choir.

Robert’s high school senior photo. A few years before he restored his relationship as a Catholic.
We were married 11 years minus 33 days. And lived our entire relationship as missionaries.

No Compromising or No Complying

My husband and I were always standing up against the church closures, denial of mysteries/sacraments, denial of Liturgy/Mass, the restrictions of six feet spacing mandates, the mask mandates, the glove mandates, the lockdowns, and the stopping people from working as we are Catholics with freedoms in Christ and Americans with freedoms in military law and constitutional law. The soul is for eternity and is the most important, thus our spiritual wellbeing is most important.

In our own church, during it’s lockdown, we daily sat outside in our car praying as Liturgy went on inside behind locked doors as we were denied access. Only Sunday was a live online Liturgy so we used our phones to participate from the Church parking lot only on Sunday’s. We had been going daily to Liturgy/Mass prior covid so we weren’t going to stop even when they were refusing to let people be out during lockdown or when the church locked us out. We did this because it was important to be present for Liturgy and it was important to pray against the closure of our church. We knew that this would cost souls their faith and eternal reward of heaven.

On Pascha/Easter, we stood in the drenching rain in our best attire as prayers started on the porch of church but then we were locked out when they went inside. We lent our phones so seniors could participate in prayer of Liturgy online who came to the church parking lot because they didn’t have access to cable tv or internet.

We were denied Holy Communion multiple times because we couldn’t receive in hand in different rites. We ourselves personally knew how receiving Holy Communion in the hand lessoned our faith and caused us to become rebellious and disrespectful towards Jesus within Holy Communion.

We were denied access to places and even confession because we refused to mask. We had to negotiate with priests to allow us to confess outside because we wouldn’t mask. We knew based on science prior covid that masking causes harm to the body which violates dignity of human person and good conscious choices on medical cares when mandated to wear a mask.

On door of our church for only three days.

We multiple times stood up against our churches decisions because when they reopened there was suddenly a sign placed on door mandating everyone to wear a mask to enter. Despite earlier in week, for first couple of Liturgies, there was no masking restrictions to enter Liturgy. We demanded the mask sign to be removed and within three days it was removed so we could attend Liturgy without a mask. Because like for Robert, it would prevent people who were unable to mask to enter and that was not okay as we were daily Liturgy attendees. As soon as the sign was down, we entered Liturgy the next day and the sign never returned. We could not allow this as this is causing souls to be denied access to Liturgy, Holy Communion, and Confession with a mandate against Canon church law, Catechism, and Bible because church cannot mandate medical instruments (a mask is a medical instrument or device), and cannot deny people entrance.

We shared information and testimonials of faith why it’s not good to compromise the teachings of how to receive Holy Communion with using alternative options in receiving Holy Communion that was happening in our church and other churches. Eventually the alternative ways went in our church and we quickly returned to normal way of receiving Holy Communion. Our concern was that prior covid, a majority of Catholics did not believe in the True Presence of Christ within Holy Communion. Then during covid time with alternative mandated ways of receiving along with lockdowns, it would cause more Catholic’s to loose their faith in the True Presence of Our Lord in Holy Communion along with not feel it necessary to attend in-person Liturgy/Mass.

On door of our church for six weeks. Monday, August 10, 2020 it was removed from the church door!

There at one point was a sign on the door of our church, “IF YOU ARE SICK, DO NOT ENTER! If you have COVD 19, for safety and consideration of others, please do not return until you have tested negative! Thanks you!” We fought that one for six weeks until it was off the door. Each night Robert would drive into church parking lot, pray a prayer with me on the phone for God to intercede and remove this sign if sign was still up. As soon as the sign was down, we entered Liturgy the next day and the sign never returned. We could not allow this as this is causing souls to be denied access to Liturgy, Holy Communion, and Confession with a mandate against Canon church law, Catechism, and Bible because church cannot mandate medical tests, and cannot deny people entrance. There are false negatives and positives for any test.

We avoided church entrance as we couldn’t comply and compromise with evil against church canon law, church teachings, federal laws, constitutional law, military law, and civil laws. Catholic churches under Canon laws, Bible, Catechism or tradition cannot mandate medical care, medical devices, medical treatments, or medical tests upon people as we are allowed good conscience choice. Being churches are a non-profit business, they must abide by only just laws of the local land. We found other options for Liturgy/Mass during those times or sat outside our church during Liturgy.

Essential Worker and Missionary

Robert was an essential worker, meaning, he worked a job the local government officials deemed necessary during lockdown, so he had to carry around a pass to be out in public that was signed by his corporation he was employed under. There were local police stopping people to ensure they had a pass to be out in public. If they did not have a pass, they would be penalized despite there was no just law for such acts.

Robert ministered to souls at work, souls who he delivered to as a driver, souls he encountered in public, and homeless souls because they were without their pastor, church community, and prayer life. This was normal prior to these conditions for our missionary family. He had a calling for the priesthood, it had not yet flourished but he lived it out despite as a missionary.

So many he prayed with and gave them hope through a Bible quote. Prior covid, he found a way to save the unsellable yet good food at work, that would be tossed away, to get it to the homeless and poor. He continued feeding the poor and needy during covid lockdown risking being stopped by the police late at night. He offered rides even in the time when people feared being close especially to the homeless and vets. I only knew this because I was on the phone with him. We would mission together late night, with me on the phone and both of us praying over these homeless and poor souls.

He didn’t fear. He was courageous believing in the teachings within the Bible. He was carrying his Bible in his car to minister and his rosary in his car drivers spot by the steering wheel.

Mandated Masking Against His Will

When he was demanded to wear a mask at work, I was on the phone in his pocket and ear.

Corporate was mandating restrictions on all staff as if they were prisoners within their workplace. They were mandated to temperature checks of their body. They were mandated if they had a fever they’d be reported to a government contracted agency and forced into isolation and forced to covid test multiple times. Their family would be isolated and if there was only one bathroom in the house, there was a risk of forced separation of the family by government contracted agencies with those who had symptoms and those who did not have symptoms. They were mandated to stay six feet apart, to wear gloves, and to mask at work.

He was known for his evangelizing on the job to his peers he worked with and to those he delivered to. He never was concerned if they fired him for sharing the truth of faith. Many times he was persecuted for being faithful within his workplace.

Years prior, we had already been homeless because we were fired twice because we refused in foster children agency homes we lived and worked to hand out forced birth control or because we took a child to Catholic Mass.

Robert was a man full of joy, gratitude and love for God and souls.

So when he was ordered to wear a mask, as I heard through the phone, he was in the back dish room.

He told them firmly and calmly, “The face of a person shines the soul, shines the face of Christ. It’s biblical. As a Catholic missionary that I am, if you demand me to wear the mask against my human dignity, my good conscience choice and my faith. I will be forced to do so as a prisoner for faith, not as a free man able to practice my faith. If it leads to my death then I will have stood for truth and die for Christ as my lungs and health are not good.”

I heard, “I hate Catholicism and I don’t like you evangelizing to me or my team, you are mandated to wear the mask!”

“I forgive you and I hope God forgives you. There are souls I must serve as I work, who fear and are hopeless, who need to experience Christ.”

I heard the movement in his cell phone ear piece as he was tucking the mask string behind his ear while they stood waiting for him. Over the days, weeks, and months I could hear him wheezing when delivering with mask on his face. He had no other options within any other job as everyone was being mandated to mask.

“Researchers have found how hypoxia (a low concentration of oxygen) decreases Protein S, a natural anticoagulant, resulting in an increased risk for the development of potentially life-threatening blood clots (thrombosis). Although hypoxia has been associated with an increased risk for thrombosis, this research showed for the first time a molecular cause.” A 2018 study. And if you ask any fireman to test with their meter for oxygen levels with you wearing the mask, they can prove masks cause oxygen levels to go down with wearing a mask. Depending on the type of material the mask was made out of would change the amount of oxygen level depletion and the timing of the oxygen level depletion. Even CDC recommended those with health risks not to mask because of the documented risks with hypoxia. But private companies and churches did not follow even the CDC guidelines. Churches required non-maskers to stay home or those at risk that could not mask to stay home which was inappropriate because they did not care for the soul over the body.

Health Declining

In late August, 2020, after work, and mandated masking, he arrived home struggling to breathe. Multiple times we encountered this experience. The newer cloth masks they mandated upon them with their company logo, was more difficult for him to breathe through. He had an inhaler medicine and used other things but it never countered the later attacks.

Come September, he was consistently unable to breathe right with or without the mask on. As a wife, my heart was being yanked and tugged. I worked very hard to help him build an at home business as he passed his state test for licensing. We were in training with mentors in the field. With all the covid chaos, I never thought of our February conversation that he prophesied his death so I was doing all I could as a wife to help him get out of the situation. His only hope was walking away or being fired. Previously, we waited until we were fired as we knew that was God’s will. My husband again chose to await until he was fired and continued speaking up against the work restrictions because he saw the souls were needing him to mission to them.

I would tell him if he continued to mask, he’ll suffocate and he told me over and over he’s mandated to mask and can’t get out of it. At some points in September, I told him he’ll die soon if he doesn’t stop wearing the mask as it came over me but I really thought he’d just get fired due to his removing the mask multiple times to breathe and his speaking up. He looked at me, “I know hun, they won’t let me not mask. There’s souls needing me, they’re without their pastors, church family and prayer time. I bring them hope of Christ!” Over and over it was a discussion, “Hun, I love you, but I love Christ more, He is willing my suffering. I cannot stop their madness over mask mandates. They don’t love Christ. But there’s souls I must serve and save.” 

I was watching my husband painfully suffer the passion of Christ. He’d fall because of the struggles with his health with wearing the mask. He was slowing down. I saw his body just deteriorate but he refused. He wanted to serve in Liturgy but I told him he was falling and needing sometimes a cane. He agreed with incredible suffering in him because he loved serving in Liturgy almost everyday.

I finally realized, my husband was doing God’s will. I had to accept the consequences no matter what that meant. Just like Saint Maximilian Kolbe lifting his arm for the death injection, my husband was lifting his arm for death by masking his face. I had felt going into matrimony that I’d be a young widow with young children. There wasn’t any other options.

Final Moments Before Hospitalization

Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Bob arrived home, helped me with a few chores, and we laid in bed for the night. I felt the Holy Spirit presence strongly come over me as we laid there. I thought he was sleeping but asked, “Bobby are you praying?” 

“Yes, I didn’t finish my rosary, I’m praying it for you.”

October 1, 2020, my husband was mandated to longer hours than his shift schedule required. It was our eleventh Engagement Anniversary. We had been out in the city for Liturgy, Confession and other things to celebrate earlier in the day. On the way home, he was exhausted, I offered to drive but as a gentleman, he didn’t complain and refused me to drive. During lunch at Subway, in our office and then at home laying in bed, he participated in the Encounter Ministries year one school of ministries class. He fell asleep for a few minutes. He then left for work. 

Usually I’d stay on the phone with him through the shift, but I was supposed to be in a business training so I got off the phone. In the early part of the 10:00 pm hour, I called him back, he was just leaving to go deliver an order to someone’s home. He was very recollected, quiet, and had been praying the rosary between his deliveries. He spoke with me, “Anna, I’m so exhausted, they’re mandating me to wash all the dishes piled up when I get done with this order being delivered. I was supposed to be off the clock almost two hours ago.” He was so wanting to come home to me and to a late date night. He had never complained to me directly about his suffering. He had suffered greatly through his days. I’d here him groan in pain or be exhausted. This time, it was the first I had ever heard him sincerely complain as he reached his breaking point. He served as an acolyte standing through Liturgy in severe pain, but always smiled and was happy.

“Bobby, get off the clock, you’re very exhausted and you’re breathing is not good.”

“I know hun, I’ll see if I can. Are you staying on the phone while I see if I can clock out to keep me company driving home?”

“Yes, I’ll await for you. I love you.”

He left the car.

I heard the traffic. I heard the car lock. I awaited. Suddenly the car door unlocked, I heard it open. I heard fast pace movement and ruffling of things through the car. The phone was picked up and the call dropped.

I get a call back expecting Bobby.

“Anna, Bob collapsed…”

Our First view on Zoom of Robert on a ventilator.

Within Hospital

Robert, suffocated from mandated masking against his will, that lead to blood clots and then a massive stroke. I was denied access to him. Three times a priest was denied access to him. But one brave faithful priest got in to anoint him. He was declared “brain dead” to steal his organs for money. He was not dead but actually responding to the priest. They treated him lower than an animal as they denied a bed bath for eleven days and visitors. I was told he was not of higher being, not a person and I was under threats to organ donate. He was medically kidnapped with threats of being euthanized. He was forced into abandonment. He and our family suffered extraordinarily because of the wrongs done within workplace, his unfaithful family, and hospitals. We all experienced Christ’s passion within these months.

Final embrace and kiss with my spouse before he fell asleep with Our Lord one and a half hours later alone with Christ alone.

Eternal MemoRY!

After an hour visit at his bedside with my pastor and I, he fell asleep with Our Lord on October 22, 2020, the feast day of St Pope John Paul II, his spiritual father he modeled his life after. No family was at his bedside as I was only allowed a one hour visit before his passing and I had to get permission with legal documents to attempt to get pastor in with me and our children. Children were denied access. My sister overseas, a religious sister, had prayed that week that either his life be spared or he be killed on St Pope John Paul II’s feast day. As that’s what the hospital was attempting to do was kill him. She didn’t know that was a special saint in our lives. On his death certificate he died from a stroke and breathing difficulty. He chose daily Liturgy, daily rosary, daily prayers, daily Bible reading, daily mission work, and minimal weekly confession.

Eternal Memory! 

“There is no place for selfishness and no place to fear! Do not be afraid, then, when love makes demands. Do not be afraid when love requires sacrifice.” St Pope John Paul II – Robert learned his spiritual way of life through what Pope John Paul II did within his own life.
He was wrapped within a shroud like Jesus as a humble servant of Our Lord.
We placed a Guadalupe Blanket Over Him with rose pedals as two sentimentals within our marriage life.

More Details Below

Video Podcast on Robert’s inhumane hospital experience HERE with more videos being put up.

Study on suffocation causing blood clotting HERE

Legal and Spiritual Clause: By no means do we hold any hard feeling against any person’s within this storyline. We forgive everyone who has done wrong to our family members. We have no desire to take any legal action. We’re just sharing our story.

Robert was gifted through the Holy Spirit with the gift of praying over people and they would be healed physically, spiritually, and within their mind. He had taken classes from through different organizations, and was in the Catholic approved ministry, Encounter Ministries, School of Ministry two year program.

Healing Prayer

As a Catholic, we believe the soul is eternal and is our brother or sister in Christ. We ask as our brother-in-Christ for Robert’s intercession to go to God and plead for healing of our body, mind and soul.

Heavenly Father, For Your glory, that of Your Beloved Son, that of the Holy Spirit, and that of Our Blessed Mother, we ask that You grant us the grace. . . . (mention your request)…. as a sign that the life of our brother-in-Christ, Robert (Bob) La Lande has been pleasing to You on this earth and that he is now rejoicing with You in Heaven. We ask this through Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer for private devotion.
In agreement with the decrees of Pope Urban VIII, we declare that we do not intend to make any judgements that belong only to ecclesiastical authority and that this prayer is not intended for public worship.


“I was allergic to cow milk where I’d get hives, throat hurting, digestive excessive bubbles and rashes since birth. I recently had cake, didn’t know it had lots of butter on top. I got really sick. I prayed to my Daddy for my healing from cow milk allergy. Then I asked my mom is I can test. My brother who also was allergic to cow milk and I started testing. Gradually we saw we were no longer allergic to cow milk. Daddy healed us!”

More testimonials coming …

Robert found his love for speaking and evangelizing through Archbishop Fulton Sheen.