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Missionary Life and Apply here


Providing Catechisms, Bibles, and Rosaries to
Latin Rite Catholics or people interested in learning more
about Latin Rite Catholicism.
Providing Catechisms, Bibles, and Prayer Ropes to
Greek/Byzantine Rite Catholics or people interested in learning
more about Greek Rite Catholicism.
We provide opportunities virtually and in person to study,
attend virtual events, have spiritual direction, mentor coaching,
training, retreats, workshops and annual programs.
Hosting Virtual Retreats, Workshops, and Annual Programs.
Meet as a Homeschool Community supporting each other and
training our children in an online hybrid space joined together
in-person in community.
Feeding the the Homeless and
Needy with Donated Food.

Who We Are

We are Catholic Missionaries of the Family Life and Workspace Missionaries who serve as teams of single, married, widowed, consecrated, and ordained.

Our Mission is to serve and save souls through first “be Drawn To The Truth” ourselves and the light the world on fire through obedience to the truth, courage and strength (Joshua 1) and wearing our Armor of God (Ephesians 6)

We serve as Missionaries of the Family Life the marriage and family life along with single young adults.

We serve as Missionaries of the Family Life the poor and needy through Works of Mercy.

We serve as Workspace Missionaries consulting, coaching and training within companies.



Bible Study

Catechism Study


Biblical Healing Prayer for Inner Healing and Exterior Physical Healing


Spiritual Direction

Training in 20 Dynamics of Life

Virtual Retreats

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Annual Programs

Humanitarian Services to poor and needy

Box Food and Deliver to Homeless

Street Evangelize partnered with Saint Paul Street Evangelization

Pray with People partnered with Encounter Ministries through training our Missionaries

Who Do We Serve

Married Couples



Young Adults 18-40





Woman in Crisis Pregnancy

Woman and Children in Domestic Violence

Foster Children

Trafficked Adults and Children


Are You Interested in Missionary Life?

You will go through an application, background check and interview process.

You will go through a period of discerning with us.

You will go through a period of training and fundraising.

Sometimes our Missionaries are already coming to us with skills that we are looking for so we initially focus on those skills being used to support the Missions.