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Anna La Lande, CSP, CAAC, Catholic Peak Performance Expert – Spiritual, Thinking, and Behavior focused

Personally Helps Individuals, couples through Catholic Goal-Focused Coaching, Catholic Spiritual Direction, And Catholic Online Live Healing Retreats

Professionally helps Businesses, Parishes, and Apostolates with their team and communities through Catholic Business Strategy Coaching, Catholic Goal-Focused Coaching, Catholic Spiritual Direction, And Catholic Online Live healing Retreats

Since 2009, Anna La Lande, CSP, CAAC, has helped Catholic Professionals, Catholic Business Owners, Catholic Team Leaders, Catholic Entrepreneurs and their companies increase sales through her flagship process, Language Endurance. She was awarded Certified Speaker by National Speakers Association.

La Lande has delivered keynote speeches for companies, associations and churches. She is a Certified Corporate Keynote Speaker.

She’s a former professional and award winning Graphic Designer, Printer and Publisher. Her work has been contracted by well known Catholic clients.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Catholic Business Owner, Drawn To The Truth Missions, Missionaries of the Family Life, and Workspace Missionaries, Anna oversees the operations, develops the programs, and develops the events. She and her husband has had experience within Fortune 500 Corporate America, Non-Profit and Church work. Anna has overseen several teams in her professional career including retail, hospitality and sales teams which gives her unique insights on how to build a mentally and spiritually tough team.

Anna’s work has been featured on many major television networks in the United States, and her interviews have appeared on NBC, ABC, FOX, EWTN (audience).

As a professional speaker, Anna ranks among the top 1% of Catholic Business Owners with unique skills that will transform yourself and your team.

Anna and her late husband founded this mission prior their vocation of matrimony and for 11 years minus 33 days they lived as Missionaries of the Family Life and Workspace Missionaries serving in 22 locations, cared for ex-felons, ex-addicts, homeless and fostered over 100 children. Anna has now been a missionary formally for over 13 years.

She’s mentored under multi-million-dollar business owners, studied aspects of business, marketing, spirituality, biblical healing prayer, spiritual directorship and coaching to develop the Language Endurance Process, Drawn To The Truth Events, and Programs for lasting changes. She was the Marketing Director and Youth/Young Adult Ministry Coordinator at an international shrine that lead her into missionary life based on the North American Martyrs writings on their journeys as missionaries.

Robert and Anna La Lande had three children together, one entered heaven and two she home schools. They have raised their family Catholic. Robert fell asleep with Our Lord October 22, 2020 and Anna carries on leaving their legacy.

Her degree education is in Graphic Design, Printing, Publishing, Psychology with national award winning work. Anna holds certifications with Evangelization, Encounter Ministries of School, Catholic Spiritual Director, Young Adult Ministry, and NSA Corporate Speaker. Anna’s nurturing certifications are within Foster/Child/Adult Care, Residential Facilities, Hospitality, Food Service. She also is certified as a Coach in Personal Life, Spiritual Life, Professional Business Life and Corporate Professional. She is part of Metanoia Catholic Academy, Encounter School of Ministries, St Paul Street Evangelization, Mental Toughness Community, Brain Rewire Community, and apprenticing under wealthy business owners now 12 years.


“Anna La Lande is a dynamic Catholic, missionary, mom and professional who knows how to reach in serving and saving souls. I have been blessed knowing her over the years and I highly recommend her! She is a professional speaker and coach who transforms professionals and families.” Janet

“I just so appreciate your spirit, that laughter is for me the most favorite thing on earth. But not everyone feels that way but your laughter, your spirit, is such joy, that you completely held intention. This joy exudes from you but not at his expense. Your joy didn’t lesson his problem. You were such a good listener and you were so there. So I greatly appreciate you. You’d be a great Spiritual Director for me.” Mary

“Anna, your laughter and joy was so perfect, it helped to ease the tension. Very good job.” Deacon Rocco

“I really liked in her prayer that she included the words ‘Holy wisdom’. It’s setting the stage with whatever problem solving is needed to happen and whatever things that might be brought to the table, that it will be God’s Wisdom that’s going to take the lead. I so appreciate that.” Chris

“Anna, your questions are very good, they flow from you so easily, and your joy is so like wow! Ann

“She had these great open-ended questions that really were just inviting to share more and to expand upon what he was thinking and feeling.” Denise

“And I really like how you use your personal experiences to discern things that he felt but never said. It was very insightful and I think it made him feel more affirmed by you being his director.” Christine