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URGENT: Catholic Losing Work and Supporting Large Family

🌟 Empowering Michael: Drawn To The Truth Campaign 🌟

URGENT: Losing Work, Supporting Large Family, Lacking Support and April 15 is a Scheduled Eviction

Meet Michael, a dedicated father who recently lost his job, leaving him with the daunting task of providing for his large family. With mouths to feed and bills to pay, Michael’s determination shines brightly. But now, he faces the overwhelming challenge of finding new employment to support his loved ones.

“I never anticipated facing this journey alone, but my family’s well-being is my utmost priority. I’m resolute in my determination to provide for them and overcome this setback.” — Michael

Caught in the midst of financial uncertainty and job loss, Michael finds himself in a desperate situation. He knows that he must find a way to support his family, but the job market is tough, and opportunities are scarce. With nowhere else to turn, Michael finds solace in the Drawn To The Truth Campaign, a beacon of hope in his darkest hour.

With your help, we can rewrite Michael’s story. Together, we can provide the support and assistance he needs to weather this storm and provide for his family.

Join us in:

  • Providing assistance to cover Michael’s immediate living expenses as he navigates this challenging period of unemployment.
  • Offering emotional support and guidance as he copes with the stress and uncertainty of job loss.
  • Assisting with resources and coaching to empower Michael to navigate his present struggles.
  • Supporting Michael in developing skills and opportunities for financial stability, including starting a small business.
  • Providing spiritual guidance and inner strength to help Michael stay resilient and hopeful during this difficult time.

Michael’s story is not just his alone—it’s about his dedication to his family and his determination to overcome adversity. Your pledge has the power to make a meaningful impact on his life and the lives of his loved ones. Let’s stand together, uplift Michael, and show him the love and support he deserves.

Pledge your support now for Michael and his family!

Thank you for your compassion and solidarity.

With unwavering hope, Let’s work together on supporting Michael and his family through “Fund My Family” project – FindMyFamily.org

Note: These expenses may be adjusted in the future based on additional expenses incurred during our time with Michael. With your help, we can save Michael and his family from eviction and help him in building his business online to support his family! Donors will receive updates on Michael throughout his time with us.

Donate now to support Michael and his family!

Drawn To The Truth Missions is legally and morally obligated to protect the privacy of the people whom we help. Some details of their identity, story, and situation have been modified or omitted for their safety. Drawn To The Truth Missions is firmly committed to responsible stewardship of donor funds. Any excess funds raised through our fundraisers will be used to support other families in need and the general costs of Drawn To The Truth Missions. If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@drawntothetruth.org. Fund My Family is a brand of Drawn To The Truth Missions and is not obligated to share donor’s contact information, donation amounts or any other donor information to those we fundraise for and anyone else for the privacy of our donors.

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